“NIHOI” bag


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“NIHOI” bag is called “Nioi bukuro” in Japanese.

It is made mainly of traditional incense materials.

You can choose the combination of fragrance and the color of the fabric of the bag.

The pattern of the fabric changes from time to time.
Please enjoy the chance encounter.

You can keep it in your bag, hang it in your closet, or place it with your masks for a relaxing experience.
Place it with your mask to give it a subtle scent.
Use it in any way you like.
You can also place it on your pillow and fall asleep in the gentle fragrance.

The scent is prepared one by one by a perfumer after the order is placed.
The fragrance will change as time goes by.
We hope you enjoy the change.

The bag is also handmade by the incense master, who selects the fabric and combines it with string.
Everything about the Niobukuro is handmade in the traditional Japanese way.

Additional information

color of fabric

Turquoise ($10), Light blue ($10), Green ($10), White ($10), Pink ($10)

fragrance type

sweet, spicy